The Artist

As a Maine native, Holly has always found inspiration in the ever-changing beauty and moods of her surroundings.  Painting is a natural expression of her creative vision, and she strives to show others the meaningful, healing tranquility that the Maine landscape offers through colors, shapes, and compositional relationships.  She frequently takes the opportunity to experience her locale by travelling to remote island destinations or simply stepping outside her house.  In these natural environments, she absorbs the spectacular views of the coastline with its inlets and rolling hillsides, feels the energy of the vegetation and rocks, and smells the sweet aromas of the fir trees and flowers.  Her interpretations of these experiences offer glimpses of Maine’s magnificence, heritage, and romance and give her paintings a truly authentic quality.

Since early childhood, Holly has explored a variety of art media.  She presently enjoys working with watercolor and oil paints.  Her paintings’ subject matter varies from landscapes to close-ups of nature, and it is always influenced by natural textures, shapes, and forms.

In addition to a lifetime devoted to expressing herself through art, Holly has been an art educator for over 25 years.   She teaches Art, AP Studio Art, and Photography to high school students and also offers adult education courses at Rockland District High School throughout the academic year.  In the summer months, she teaches private art lessons.  Holly’s teaching philosophy is to always encourage and inspire her students to view their environs in new and different ways, and to expand their perceptions of who they are and what they are capable of when it comes to becoming a creative artist.

Holly has a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from the University of Southern Maine. She has studied under several renowned artists including:  Colin Page, Stan Moeller, Wilson Ong, and Lyndon Fredericks.

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